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  • Optex FTN-RR  Battery Operated Outdoor Dual PIR Detector

The FTN-R by Optex is a battery operated compact outdoor passive infra-red (PIR) detector with a 5 x 1m (16'5" x 3'3") coverage area. The 'fit' FTN-R offers the perfect solution for those outdoor areas where false alarms caused by environmental disturbances and small animals are an issue. The wireless-ready, battery powered version allow installers to save valuable installation time and labor costs because no trenching, installing conduit or pulling wire is required. The FTN-R includes a wireless-ready back box to hold a third party's battery and wireless transmitter, and it comes with a built in bracket that enables horizontal rotation of 190 degrees. It's compact size and flexible detection area allow the sensor to 'fit' into a variety of both residential and commercial applications.



Built-in bracket enables horizontal rotation of 190 degrees. Unwanted object can be avoided with ease

SDMA Logic ensures every motion is analyzed before signaling an alarm to reduce false and missed detections

Changing the detection length is easy. Adjust the mounting height or simply turn the lens upside down

FTN-R is battery operated and therefore requires no complicated wiring

FTN-R can be connected to the transmitter with connectors

Complete battery operation

5m/2m detection length limit

190 degree horizontal flexibility

Perfect pet immunity

Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic

Double conductive shielding

Intelligent AND logic

2-year limited warranty

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Optex FTN-RR Battery Operated Outdoor Dual PIR Detector

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