• HDMI Cables powered by RedMere’s technology are only 25% of the size of a standard HDMI cable and because they are light and ultra-thin they are easier to bend, route and disguise
  • This next-generation cable technology allows for significantly thinner gauges, which increases cable management capability and reduces weight without sacrificing signal quality
  • Active amplification is provided by the RedMere chip. This technology allows data speed to exceed 10.2 Gbps up to 100 ft. 
  • HDMI cables with RedMere technology are thinner, lighter, more flexible, and easier to route in a home theater, plus they are more portable and easier to carry with laptops or portable video gear
  • Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
  • Supports 3D
  • Supports 4K x 2K and 1080p
  • Data Speed Transfer: Exceeds 10.2 Gbps
  • ABS Connector 12 and 15 ft
  • 12 and 15ft Connector size:
    • Source side: .78" L x .77" W x .31"H
    • TV side: 1" L x .77" W x .31" H
  • 20 ft and Up Connector size:
    • Source side: .98" L x .77" W x .39" H
    • TV Side: 1.13" L x .77" W x .39" H
  • PVC Connector 20 ft and Up
  • UL Listed
  • CL3 Rated 20 ft and Up

Note:  Due to the precise manufacturing process of Redmere HDMI Cables use with HDMI Couplers/Extenders during Final Cable Intallation is not recommended. This cable is designed to be connected directly from Source to TV. 

Part No Length AWG O.D. Pkg. UPC
RDM012 12 ft 36 3.6 mm Premium Polybag 741835097802
RDM015 15 ft 36 3.6 mm Premium Polybag 741835097819
RDM020 20 ft 30 6.0 mm Premium Polybag 741835097826
RDM025 25 ft 30 6.0 mm Premium Polybag 741835097581
RDM035 35 ft 30 6.0 mm Premium Polybag 741835097604
RDM050 50 ft 28 7.5 mm Premium Polybag 741835097611
RDM060 60 ft 28 7.5 mm Premium Polybag 741835097628
RDM075 75 ft 28 7.5 mm Pkgd 741835097635
RDM100 100 ft 24 10.5 Pkgd 741835097642
Powering change with the PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad
 The PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad delivers an easy interactive way to manage and control security systems - at the touch of a finger. The TouchScreen keypad – the nerve centre of the security system – combines the keypad functionality users and installers have come to expect with an intuitive interface. Seamlessly integrated with PowerSeries security systems, the sleek, contemporary and modern look is valued by the homeowners; installers will appreciate the easy installation and programming features they have come to expect from DSC products. Powering change - one touch at a time. Easy to Install The PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad has been designed with the user and installer in mind. For the user, menu driven, intuitive screens make programming very easy to configure desired options. 
 The installer will also have the ability to do installer programming from virtual keypad, as well directly through the PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad. Building from the default or optional displays (Fig. 1 & 2), the installer can quickly configure five of the graphical icons from over 10 options, depending on the user’s needs. With up to 8 partitions available, the PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad offers the benefits of a multi-partition control panel without changing the control panel and lets each partition zone act independently from the rest of the system.


Home theater made simple


There's no easier way to get great home theater sound than the MaxTV MT2. Just place it under a flat-panel TV, connect an audio cable, and instantly your TV sounds like a full-blown home theater. Dual 5.25-inch subwoofers, four 2.5-inch midranges, two 1-inch silk tweeters and simulated surround sound give the MaxTV MT2 true theatrical impact.

The MaxTV MT2 isn’t just for TV, though. Built-in Bluetooth lets you connect a smartphone or computer wirelessly, so you can enjoy your music collection or Internet radio through the MaxTV MT2's powerful speakers. With analog and digital inputs, the MaxTV MT2 connects to any audio source. It may be the only sound system you need!




• Stereo Down-Firing 5¼" Treated Paper Subwoofers • Four 2 1/2" Treated Paper Midranges
• Two 1" Silk Dome Tweeters • Inputs: RCA Analog, Optical and Coax Digital
• Bi-Amped, 80 Watts Total Amplification • Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz
• Features Bluetooth® Wireless Technology • Includes IR Remote Control
• Matte Black Finish • Dimensions (H x W x D): 4" x 28" x 16 1/2"
• Contains One Each • Wood Framed Grille with Neo-Magnets

azco azpull


The AZPULL is a time and money saving tool for anyone who installs cable for voice, data, fiber optic networks, video, alarms, paging systems, access control, CATV, music, property or energy management systems.

Our AZPULL cabling tool allows you to pull cable around corners as easily as pulling through conduit. This re-usable tool has no moving parts to cut or pinch the cables. It mounts in seconds when pulling cables , and allows you to keep the cables at ceiling level during the pull. When dressing the cables back (securing them in place), the cables are removed from the tool through a slot conveniently located on the back side of the elbow, and the AZPULL can be removed as quickly as it was mounted.

The smooth inner surface that allows the cables to glide around corners, also preserves the integrity of the cable, by insuring that bends aren't sharper than the cables' "minimum bend radius" rating. By keeping the cables at ceiling level during the installation process, your customers are spared the hazard and inconvenience of having long lengths of cable laid out on the floor. The cable is thus protected from damage by keeping it up high and out of the way while being installed.

Q: How many cables can be pulled through it? A: For cables the size of a CATEGORY 5e, up to around 25 at a time works fine, although it’s equally effective with fewer cables, or even a single cable. For larger cables such as 25pr, 4 or 5 at a time works fine.

Q: Can it be left in place permanently after use? A: Yes, and if it is used in a remote location in a building, it’s fine to leave the cables inside. However, if it’s located in a busy location where you or someone else is likely to pull more cables through it, you may want to consider removing your cables from the pull elbow and dressingthem beside it. This keeps them clear of the next set of cables and reduces the chance of damage to your cables when more are pulled through.

Q: How many corners can be pulled around in the same run? A: In a typical run, 2 or 3 work fine. It helps if you have a helper pulling the cables off the reels or out of the boxes, sothat drag is not added to the pull tension. TIP: To make the cables glide through the Pull Elbow even easier, I take a short length of a candle (just a 1½ “-2” piece of a common household wax candle) and slide it back and forth along the inside of the Pull Elbow, to “wax” the surface that the cables slide over. Justpress the wax against the inner surface of the tube. This takes about a minute to do, and lasts for at least a few months. Ask any skier if they would ski onun-waxed skis.

Q: How is it mounted? A: You can screw it in place, use beam clamps, use cable ties, use vise grips or by using scrap wire.

belden logo


Belden (NYSE: BDC), a world leader in the development of signal transmission products for enterprise, industrial, building management, broadcast and security applications, has introduced a new KeyConnect Workstation Outlet System that provides high density, flexibility and ruggedness for high-performance copper, fiber and multimedia applications at the work area outlet.

Benoit Chevarie, Product Line Manager of Belden's Copper Connectivity products, states: "The KeyConnect Workstation Outlet System uses a modular approach that provides versatility across several applications, uniform aesthetics and reduced inventory while maintaining Belden's reputation for reliable signal transmission performance, durability and manageability."

The KeyConnect System is comprised of KeyConnect Faceplates, Adapters, Boxes and Modules. Each modular component of the Belden KeyConnect Workstation Outlet System seamlessly fits together to suit any data, voice, video or multimedia application, including all levels of data networking, CCTV and high-definition video, fiber-to-the-desk and audio-visual applications. The various styles of KeyConnect Adapters and Boxes also support modular furniture and surface mount applications.

The new KeyConnect System features a wide range of UTP, coax, fiber and audio-visual modules with a smaller footprint for high-density use in patch panels and outlets. The modules snap effortlessly into Belden KeyConnect and MediaFlex(R) faceplates, adapters and boxes at the workstation outlet and into KeyConnect and AngleFlex(TM) Patch Panels in the Data Center. They are easily inserted and removed from any keystone-style opening providing design flexibility.

Available in a variety of colors and styles to fit any office decor, the KeyConnect System enhances manageability and identification with built-in top and bottom labeling windows on Faceplates and more than 11 colors of KeyConnect Modular jacks for color-coding outlet connections based on application.

For more information about the KeyConnect Workstation Outlet System, download NP 302 at www.belden.com, or contactBelden, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47375, 1.800.BELDEN.1. FAX: 765.983.5294.

About Belden

Belden is a customer focused company. We ensure that our customers' communications infrastructure issues are resolved and that they benefit from the best signal transmission performance for their investment. We deliver leading-edge copper and fiber cabling/connectivity systems, wireless technologies, and active switch devices. We employ customer-centric go-to-market strategies and we implement and retain world class manufacturing processes. Our partners span the globe, helping our customers design, install, operate and maintain their communications applications. And our experience is vast, including expertise in Enterprise, Industrial, Infrastructure, Transportation, Professional and Enterprise Audio and Video, and Government applications. To obtain additional information contact Investor Relations at 314-854-8054, or visit our website at www.belden.com.


SHIELDS Electronics Supply , Inc. is a full line industrial, security, and datacom distributor.

Phone: (865) 588-2421 
Fax: (865) 588-3431


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