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About Us

SHIELDS Electronics Supply is a leading distributor in the security, communications, data, industrial, wire and cable, and electronics markets. We work with our customers to combine superior product offerings with unparalleled technological expertise and innovative solutions, which provides our customers state-of-the-art solutions from industry leading manufacturers. And with our Value Added approach to distribution we help our customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions that result in increased performance and profitability.

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The cornerstone for everything we do is performance. It’s the ultimate standard by which we are all judged. And when our customers find themselves in those critical situations, when failure is not an option, they know they can rely on SHIELDS Electronics Supply to deliver. Customer service isn’t a department at SHIELDS Electronics Supply; it’s one of our competitive advantages. We don’t expect you to take our word for it. Serving customers is our priority. Give us an opportunity to prove to you what many others already know – You get more for every dollar when you do business with SHIELDS Electronics Supply.


SHIELDS Electronics Supply's diverse customer base is comprised of professional systems integrators, network design engineers, facilities maintenance professionals, and many others from businesses and institutions of all sizes.


  • Government customers include various federal/state/local agencies and offices, school systems and universities, and correctional institutions.
  • Manufacturing customers of various types including petro/chemicals, automotive, marine applications, metals and rubber industries, food and beverage processing plants, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Professional contractor customers include firms involved in systems design and installation, new facility construction, and maintaining/repairing existing facilities.
  • Medical customers include large regional hospitals, medical practice groups, and the integration companies that support them.



SHIELDS Electronics Supply has the best trained team in the industry. We continually educate our team to be knowledgeable and up to date with emerging technologies, and therefore a trusted resource for our customers. Additionally, we work with our industry leading manufacturers to offer ongoing training and certification in each branch location so SHIELDS customers can stay ahead of the technology learning curve. We deliver the products our customers need and, more importantly, the training they require to remain competitive and profitable.


SHIELDS Electronics Supply works with thousands of suppliers to provide our customers with access to more than 1 million products from categories including:

  • Access Control
  • Audio / Video
  • Central Vacuum
  • Fire and Safety
  • Electronics Security
  • Networking / Datacom
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Power and Electrical Equipment
  • Communications
  • Tools and Hardware
  • Video Surveillance
  • Wire and Cable
  • Test Equipment
  • Racks and Enclosures
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Bags and Cases
  • Antennas
  • Structured Cabling
  • Telephony
  • Lighting
  • Gun Safes




SHIELDS Electronics Supply's corporate headquarters is located in Knoxville, Tennessee with locations also in Bristol, TN/VA, Chattanooga, TN, and Panama City, FL.

Over 50 Years of Excellence

SHIELDS Electronics Supply has been in operation since 1961. What really distinguishes SHIELDS Electronics Supply is the quality of our people. With a proven track record of performance and a team of industry professionals, we are dedicated to your success. We know your name and what's important to you, not just your account number. We offer a huge selection of products in stock  at the branch level for immediate pickup, and also available for shipment the same day. We operate extended daily business hours and also operate Saturday business hours to serve our customers when the competition has long since quit. We even answer our phones! We’ve been in business since 1961 and that’s not by accident.



Delivering outstanding service requires outstanding people. If you are outstanding in your field and want to find out what working for SHIELDS Electronics Supply could mean to you, we would love to hear from you.



The year was 1961 when Wade Shields arrived in Knoxville, TN. He was eighteen years old and fresh out of high school. In his words it was simple; if he wanted to eat that night he had to sell something that day. And so he went to work, out of the back of his truck. He started by selling parts to the radio and television repair shops in town. Gradually, he built the business to a point where a storefront was sustainable. As the business grew so did the markets he serviced; antennas, fuses, CB radios, PA systems, wire & cable, and more. He built a name for himself as someone who was honest, hardworking, and reliable. Based on his performance customers began to approach him with other opportunities, and the business continued to develop and grow.

Over 50 years later it's the same model. Work hard for your customers, earn their trust, and deliver on your commitments. Over the past 50 years the business, markets, manufacturers, and customers have changed to be sure. But our dedication to performance and delivering exceptional value still remain. Wade Shields is still active in the company, and the philosophy and dedication that built the company are still the cornerstones for everything we do. As we look forward to serving you for another 50 years we understand we didn't do it alone. We have been blessed with exceptional customers, manufacturers, and friends. The Lord our God has also watched over us every day of the journey. It is with great humility that we say Thank You.


SHIELDS Electronics Supply , Inc. is a full line industrial, security, and datacom distributor.

Phone: (865) 588-2421 
Fax: (865) 588-3431


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